We all heard of the disruption that Uber and Airbnb caused to the respected industry. Zeev is fast learning that Sketchup are doing it to the design and construction industry with a community base subscription to the world most advanced design tool. All for a very low price. Learn more here on how you can get it for free when working with Zeev. Click here for more info

Stop paying thousands of dollars for a design tool. Sketchup and Zeev have the solution for your next kitchen design.

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You can view our entire range of cabinets options and panels available for you to design your next kitchen, simply enter Smart Zeev DIY in the search button. Best of all we added a feature where by you can get your price of the kitchen and order it with a click of a button. To learn more download the Sketchup design tool today

Great. Now that you downloaded the Sketchup program we can get you started quickly by allowing you to download our entire library setup package and load it on to your computer. Link coming soon.

From today you have joined the revolution of our industry where by you design, price and order your kitchen all from one design tool. Best of all it is delivered to your door fully assembled at a very affordable price.


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  3. Designed, priced and ordered your kitchen

Thank you for joining us to bring our industry the change that it needs.


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How to use Sketchup (video will be available soon)